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TINEOLA, a civic association was established in the year 1998.

The main goal of the civic association is to initiate, to support and to develop projects in following branches: theatre, art, film and new media in connection with the puppets. The Tineola Theatre was established in 1997.

In the year 1997 they performed their first own productin "The King is dead, long live the King!" and the play is still on the stage in Prague. They toured the performance to Damascus - Syria, where they also exhibited puppets, design, pictures and had lecture about Czech traditional puppets and modern understanding of puppet theatre in Europe as well. In 1999 the first perfomance of FAUST METAMORPHOSES was given in Marienbad. Since then The Tineola Theatre has taken part in the Husum Festival, and in Berlin in Schaubude, Frankfurt and Dresden. (Germany). The Goethe Institute supported the performance. In June 2000 Tineola took part in Expo 2000 in Hanover with Faust Metamorphoses. In September The Haywain opened in Dejvicke Divadlo in Prague and then toured Sweden, Belgium and Holland. The Haywain was awarded the Logo of Prague 2000 / Capital of Europe.

In 2002 The Tineola Theatre co-operated with the Ritornello ensemble in the performance of Christmas Amiabilities. Ritornello is a group of musicians performing music on period instruments. They have revived old Czech songs and music which has almost been forgotten. In the year 2003 Michaela Bartonova had twice workshop in Prague's Quadrienale about all activities of Tineola, civic association. Tineola also finished project for the Japan Drama Museum in Kaykio: "European personalities who influenced Japanese culture". In 2004 there was the opening night of Morgenstern and Vesper. Tineola organised a successful workshop in Bowral near Sydney, Australia for art students, puppeteers and the general public. In the May 2004 Tineola took part in the project "Under the Wings" (subtitle "Communication through puppets) with international participation. A target group were children of any age, disabled children, teenagers, art students, teachers and the general public. In April 2006 Tineola had an opening of new performance"Étaín" in Prague.

In October 2008 was opening day for Round the World in a Tea Kettle . Performance inspired by Edward Lear.

Tineola cooperates with various artists, another civic associations, private or state organisations both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Theater TINEOLA